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Personal Information Protection

Z Recruit Inc is one of Canada's most trusted online job portals. We take user privacy and his/her personal information security as our utmost priority. To ensure the same, we collect limited and just the required information from you which is not shared anywhere other than the feilds visible to you.

Protection Of Personal Information -

  • The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA or the PIPED Act) is a Canadian law relating to data privacy. This Canadian law governs how the personal information of an individual is collected, used and disclosed, giving due importance to right of privacy to the individual.
  • Z Recruit Inc abides by the rules and principles for the management of personal information as set by PIPEDA.
  • The personal information that is protected under this Act includes name, age, medical records, income, spending habits, DNA code, marital status, etc. Canadians also have the right to check their personal information and get any inaccuracies corrected.
  • No information is shared without your knowledge and consent, except in some circumstances, such as information needed for an investigation or an emergency where lives or safety are at risk.
  • Under the Act, individuals have the right to complain to the Privacy Commissioner if they have any complaints regarding handling or use or disclosure of their personal information.
  • We may collect some anonymous information automatically, like your IP address and the name of the Internet service provider (“ISP”) associated with the computer from which you accessed our website, your Web browser and operating system etc but other than the above, all other information is collected within your knowledge.
  • Our marketing does not knowingly target the minors.
  • The information that we collect from you is to keep you updated about the developments on the website and also keep you informed regarding the queries you searched for on our website, like a job posting you must have been looking for.
  • Anonymous information collected by us is majorly used to monitor the performance of our website through number of visits, bounce rates, returning visitors etc. And we may also use the same to provide you with targetted advertisements that might fulfill your requirements and prove beneficial to the advertisors too.

    For more information on our Privacy Policy and the Canadian Government Act, please visit the following links -

    The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act

    Privacy Policy At Z Recruit Inc

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