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Tips on writing appropriate resumes, length of a professional resume, video resumes, career change CV and related topics.

Multiple Submissions – To One Or Many Positions

You’ve been applying for jobs but didn’t get through? And now you have newer questions in your mind…”Should I send multiple resumes for this job opening? May be they missed on the earlier one!”, “Should I apply... Read More

Length of your CV – Keep it informatively short

What should be the appropriate length of my resume? This is one of the most common questions troubling the job seeker’s minds. And the best answer to t his can be given by recruiters. Although there isn’t a thumb rule to this, but what... Read More

Video CV – Get Smarter Get Hired.

Market outside is competitive for each and every industry. Common man has become tech savvy. Everyone seems to be short of time, has lots to do. How about being the one out of ten who would save some time and effort of the ‘ONE IN THE... Read More

Writing a Skilled Cover Letter – How it helps.

Eighty percent of candidates who receive a call for the interview are those whose resume is accompanied with an effective cover letter. A cover letter is a brief about you and how well you know the requirements of the company you are applying... Read More

An Appropriate Resume -What should your CV include?

At first place, there’s nothing that is technically a ‘wrong CV’ or a ‘right CV’, it’s all about how the CV details are presented and how relevant the material is. It’s all about what are the mandatory... Read More

Considerations while writing your resume – Think, Weigh, Write.

Your resume poses the very first impression on the employer, so, it’s very important that it speaks positively about your attitude towards the job profile and how beneficial you could be for their company. Do’s and Don’ts are a... Read More

Your CV keywords - Power of the right words

Selection of the right keywords in your resume work as a great asset in your selection. Employers have themselves agreed that a boring resume takes their mind off track whereas an intelligent resume with use of powerful words catering to the job... Read More

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