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Market outside is competitive for each and every industry. Common man has become tech savvy. Everyone seems to be short of time, has lots to do. How about being the one out of ten who would save some time and effort of the ‘ONE IN THE CHAIR’. Video resume trend is spreading like forest fire, making hiring procedure much easier and effective for the recruiter and providing equal benefits to the job seekers too. How better can you judge a person’s skills and confidence than a face to face talk and a video resume does just that.

When shot professionally, a video CV increases the chances of approval many folds than through a paper resume. Up to 88% employers agree that they would find deciding through a video resume much easier and effective. Depending upon the industry and the job opening you are applying for, your video resume can be the most interesting thing of your job. JUST THINK …

One out of many – A hiring manager’s table is piled with traditional resumes and cover letters and yours is one of the rare cover letters that have a link to your video resume. That instant the recruiter’s mind registers your name for that extra effort and for that different step you took and for sure, he reads those next five CVs or not, he would see your video CV with his cup of coffee. So, you stand out of the many and your video CV has increased the chances of at least being considered.

The First Impression – A video CV gives you a golden chance to get hold of the situation by posing a perfect first impression. Especially if it’s an opening for a jockey or a teacher or a sales executive, what more could you ask for than being able to exhibit your personality and communication skills in the first go itself, with the benefit of being within your comfort zone, your home.

Skills Demonstration – You can put across your abilities of using the media, applications and technologies and also can demonstrate your work or abilities which would otherwise either be believed or scrutinized or nothing at all, if it were for a paper resume. You do not brag about yourself, you just show it.

Easy to be made – All you need is a regular video camera at a good position, which could be a camera or a good mobile shot. A few practice takes and there you are, ready for the market.

So, have you made up your mind to take a shot and prepare a video resume for your next application? Never miss a few points while doing so –

Look suitable – First impression greatly includes your looks. Do not mess up your video CV by shooting yourself in your track pants or sleeveless tops displaying your tattoos. Unless that’s exactly what you are applying for or as a video or a music jockey, be sure to dress appropriately for the video shoot. Look professional and apt for the position. Don’t miss using a neck tie if your profile calls in for it.

Background – Make sure your background is clean, arranged and if at all, displays only and only those items that relate to the job profile and the industry you are shooting yourself for. For example, if you are applying for the job of a shoe designer, you can hang your related course lamination at the back wall or your designs on a pin board visible in the interview shot. Please check for any laundry piles or cluttered books or shoes and last day’s socks lying on the floor behind you, anything that could be visible in the camera, just remove it.

Be precise – Keep your CV video short and sweet. Speak and show whatever is just perfectly required and related to the job and try not to exceed the 2–minute limit. This much is enough for the recruiter to analyze your skills if you put them right.

Demonstrate your best – Be clever enough to sort what should be shared at this point of time, for example, if you are applying for a dress designing job, demonstrate the designs or the latest dress prepared by you. You needn’t speak much. Keep the certificates hanging nicely at the pin board at your back and show your work. Let your work speak for you.

Customize your video resume – If you are applying for different job profiles, customize your video resume accordingly.

Get it viewed – Before submitting your video CV,  to get it viewed by one or two people around you, who can give you honest suggestions for any required edits.

You can prepare a video and upload it on you tube and put the link in your cover letter. Use this opportunity to present the best of you, best suitable for the job profile you are applying for. Z Recruit Inc provides this opportunity to you; submit your video resumes for the Canadian job posts best suitable for you, NOW! Job seekers can prepare their CV VIDEO and upload it in their profile on Z Recruit Inc website. Recruiters can also upload a video of their desired questions in their profile which will be visible to the applicants and they can prepare a customized video for those set of questions. Such an easy and efficient communication, Isn’t it?!

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